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{"id":766918,"code":"aB6sYyZcpDAh","filename":"203-CENSORED-MTV-V2.mp4","title":"S2 Ep. 3 - Lonny Brings Peace - Next Time On Lonny","description":"After realizing the error of his ways, Lonny decides to try to make a change in his life.\nSpecial Guest Star Epic Lloyd:\nDownload Lonny’s single \"Peace 2 The Streets” extended and uncensored on iTunes:\n\nDirected by Dan Schimpf\nWritten by Dan Schimpf and Alex Anfanger\nProducer / Line Producer: Jeremy Reitz\nProducer / Production Manager: Andrew Rhymer\nExecutive Producers: Ben Stiller, Debbie Liebling, Stuart Cornfeld, Mike Rosenstein, Alex Anfanger, Dan Schimpf\n1st Assistant Director / Co-Producer: JP Quicquaro\nProduction Coordinator / Co-Producer: Lisa Steen\nDirector of Photography: Skyler Rousselet\nProduction Designer: Caitlin Nicole Williams\nEditor: Matt Pollock\n1st Assistant Editor: Sam Zvibleman\nOriginal Music By Leo Birenberg\nSound Design and Mix By Tamara Johnson\nVisual Effects Supervisor: Jacob Blunt\nLonny Theme by Matt Anderson\nCOMPLETE CREDITS\n \n© Globocore Media Holdings, LLC \n© Red Hour Films \n \nCAST: \nLONNY: Alex Anfanger\nGARRETT: Aaron Schroeder\nVO GUY: Lannon Kilea\nELLIS: Mike Zehr\nPUSSY KING: Hari Williams\nBLUNT MASTER FLEX: Dre Michael Chaney\nTATS: Lee Larson\nANNIE: Gina Jackson\nRANDY: Robert Okumu\nCURTIS: Jermaine Jacox\nCURTIS’S CREW 1: Jeremy Johnson\nCURTIS’S CREW 2: Mike Flores\nSLINKY: Cuete Yesta\nTERRANCE: Lenny Jacobsen\nGANGSTRESS: Lauren Francesca\nGIUSEPPE: Epic Lloyd\n\nCatch up on Season 1:","category":null,"duration":414,"show_name":"Next Time on Lonny Season 2","show_name_internal":"next-time-on-lonny-season-2","episode":5,"library_id":2370,"library_name":"nexttimeonlonny","view_count":8905,"original_published_at":1401802984127,"publish_platform":"ALL","image_bucket_path":"maker-prodthumbnails/Library-2370/aB6sYyZcpDAh_1280x720.jpg","thumbnail_s3_key":"Library-2370/aB6sYyZcpDAh_144x81.jpg","uploaded_at":1401734406223,"created_at":1401733967000,"youtube_id":null,"blip_id":"AYOlzFUC","blip_episode_id":"6907377","jw_id":null,"code_first_episode":"SO7jj6vDSXdz","code_next_episode":"bHn6KKeJH4EP","thumbnails":["Library-2370/aB6sYyZcpDAh.jpg","Library-2370/aB6sYyZcpDAh_1280x720.jpg","Library-2370/aB6sYyZcpDAh_853x480.jpg","Library-2370/aB6sYyZcpDAh_640x360.jpg","Library-2370/aB6sYyZcpDAh_320x180.jpg","Library-2370/aB6sYyZcpDAh_256x144.jpg","Library-2370/aB6sYyZcpDAh_240x135.jpg","Library-2370/aB6sYyZcpDAh_224x126.jpg","Library-2370/aB6sYyZcpDAh_208x117.jpg","Library-2370/aB6sYyZcpDAh_192x108.jpg","Library-2370/aB6sYyZcpDAh_144x81.jpg","Library-2370/aB6sYyZcpDAh_96x54.jpg"],"tags":["ben stiller","Nacho Punch","nachopunch","Next Time On Lonny","NextTimeOnLonny","NTOL"],"exclusive":1,"collection_slug":null,"survey_id":null,"library_code":"HwDTXMCmf6Yr","thumbnail_url":"","survey_details":null,"collection_details":null,"rating_details":null,"endpoint_status":[{"endpoint_name":"maker","access_url":"","publish_requests":[{"platform":"ALL","requested":1401802943570,"published":1401802984370,"error_code":null,"error_message":null}],"current_properties":{}}],"time":"6:54","thumbnail":""}

S2 Ep. 3 - Lonny Brings Peace - Next Time On Lonny

After realizing the error of his ways, Lonny decides to try to make a change in his life.
Special Guest Star Epic Lloyd:
Download Lonny’s single "Peace 2 The Streets” extended and uncensored on iTunes:

Directed by Dan Schimpf
Written by Dan Schimpf and Alex Anfanger
Producer / Line Producer: Jeremy Reitz
Producer / Production Manager: Andrew Rhymer
Executive Producers: Ben Stiller, Debbie Liebling, Stuart Cornfeld, Mike Rosenstein, Alex Anfanger, Dan Schimpf
1st Assistant Director / Co-Producer: JP Quicquaro
Production Coordinator / Co-Producer: Lisa Steen
Director of Photography: Skyler Rousselet
Production Designer: Caitlin Nicole Williams
Editor: Matt Pollock
1st Assistant Editor: Sam Zvibleman
Original Music By Leo Birenberg
Sound Design and Mix By Tamara Johnson
Visual Effects Supervisor: Jacob Blunt
Lonny Theme by Matt Anderson

© Globocore Media Holdings, LLC
© Red Hour Films
LONNY: Alex Anfanger
GARRETT: Aaron Schroeder
VO GUY: Lannon Kilea
ELLIS: Mike Zehr
PUSSY KING: Hari Williams
BLUNT MASTER FLEX: Dre Michael Chaney
TATS: Lee Larson
ANNIE: Gina Jackson
RANDY: Robert Okumu
CURTIS: Jermaine Jacox
CURTIS’S CREW 1: Jeremy Johnson
CURTIS’S CREW 2: Mike Flores
SLINKY: Cuete Yesta
TERRANCE: Lenny Jacobsen
GANGSTRESS: Lauren Francesca
GIUSEPPE: Epic Lloyd

Catch up on Season 1:

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